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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

remember this guy, and the humor surrounding the intellegence of installing a jet engine on a go-cart? a likely darwin award winner, i believe was the consensus.

so, how about if you install a jet engine on something useful? like, say, your mother-in-law's wheelchair?

read about it here at the BBC


Blogger Macbeau said...

What tha...
New for 2004! The Kivorkian XLC (extra leathal chair). Ask your Dr. or Pharmacist about the Kivorkian XLC. (*Possible side effects include puckered rectum, death, certain sexual side effects - like death, strong burning sensations, and flaming death. Your Dr. may need to conduct certain psychological tests to see if the Kivorkian XLC is right for you...)

Well, I suppose the next step in the R&D of this thing should be the rocket powered hospital gerney, followed by the rocket powered casket. Egad!

9/2/04, 9:00 AM  

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