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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

a little more than you really want or need to know

as some of you know, music has played a huge part in my life. stacks of reel to reel tapes with all of my and my friend's albums recorded and played thru my nakamichi r-to-r deck helped keep me sane for months on end when i was a submariner. my mom was a swing band singer when she was younger, and so we were surrounded by music as we grew up. my love for music stems from that early start.
so what does that have to do with knowing more than you really wanted to know? dirty little secret time... i have my own soundtracks for certain activities, and they play unbidden at the appropriate time. this morning i rode my motorcycle to work (hey, it's only 157 miles round trip). there is a stretch of road called Jameson Canyon, or better known to non-locals as highway 12. it's a bit twisty, but 55 to 75 mph is easy on this road. so, here i am, clad in my big assed boots, leather coat, and helmet, zooming down the road, leaning into my first sweeping turn, and ... da da da dada da da da dadadada.. a-ha's "take me on" starts playing. it's a cool video, and was ahead of it's time, cartoon to human to cartoon. anyway, the video starts with a bike race, and that's what plays in my head when i get to get it on.
there. you now know more than you really wanted to. wonder if i'm the only one that does that?


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