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Saturday, November 06, 2004

i have finally finished

reading the entire Baroque Cycle by neal stephenson, and i am sorry to say that there aren't another 800 pages to read. dayam, if you are a technogeek, wonk, scientist with a yen for something different, interested in how a lot of what we believe in engineering, science, politics, economy, and adventure came about, why, these three books are just what the doctor ordered.

nook's advisory: do not start this cycle if you are scheduled to perform open heart surgery, or are making crepes for guests tomorrow. you will not have enough sleep to accomplish either of those two delicate operations. as a matter of fact, i'm lucky i read these books as they came out. if i had stumbled onto this trilogy today, with all three in print, i'd be a dead man walking in stiff legged, poor posture exacerbated, red rimmed vision induced collisions with large inanimate objects, due to sleep deprivation.

this stuff is why books were invented, and why the internet, as bold and engaging as it is, will never replace an 892 page hardback novel. bo the nook sez.......CHECK IT OUT!


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