Friday, February 11, 2005

sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander

ok, so i stole the title for this entry from a comment to smash's entry about a veteran/scholar that filed a complaint that a history professor's display of anti-war, anti-Bush administration statements on his office door created a learning environment that is hostile to veterans. the comments are great.

and then you have these pinheads from where else, berkeley, that own a house in sacramento. they hung an american uniform, with a balled up american flag for a head and a sign on the chest stating "your american tax dollars at work". hung as in rope around the neck, effigy style. their whole attitude is screw you, we can do what we want because this is our property. and actually, i agree. they have the right to express their opinions. they've even gone so far (it's been reported, although there are no pictures that i know of) as to put a palestinian flag in their front window, knowing the neighbors across the street are jewish. fine. really poor taste, but still free speech. except i heard on the way home from work that a marine mom has filed a hate crime complaint against the owners of the house. now that cracks me up. because the folks that are causing such a stir obviously fall in the group that would think an arab joke is a hate crime, but it's ok for them to do this, because hey, they are of the anointed ones, you know, the politically correct folks. just more evidence that the thinking on the far left is as or more toxic than the thinking on the far right. i don't think there's a scintilla of difference between these losers and the worst hard core goosestepping skinhead from deepest darkest boonieland.
i hate the thought of our first amendment right to free speech can be so carelessly abused and used, by both parties. but i think it's cool as hell that the wackjobs that hung an american soldier in effigy could get smoked by the same bullshit rules they hid behind if this complaint of "hate crime" sticks.


Blogger Edvardicus said...

Fascinating article Bobo. What's really interesting is that this happened in Land Park which is like Sacramento's little version of Bezerkely. It is the most liberal part of town. The tresspassers came from Fairoaks on a motorcycle. They seemed more upset than the pinhead's neighbors. That being said, I agree that their legitimate protest was far outweighed by their poor taste. These are obviously not stupid people, so one has to wonder why they chose such an inarticulate way to express their first amendment rights. Its like they were putting an ad on Craig's list to have their property trashed. I dunno.

2/11/05, 6:38 AM  

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