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Saturday, September 06, 2008

benefits of practice at the range

very rarely can i say that i've had enough time at the range. if i had my druthers, i'd be living on the range grounds. then, maybe, i'd have enough trigger time to satisfy me. but alas, i don't.
one nice thing about the range is they stay open until 1900, at least while the sun lasts. a quick hour or two after work helps. so what do you get when you actually practice more often than once or twice a month?
25 yards offhand
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for a non target pistol, this Springfield TRP does pretty well. i'd spent most of a box of handloads tweeking the sites in over sandbags at 25 yards. just before leaving, i loaded 5 rounds, and placed a new target. results off hand:
1 inch group at 25 yards.
that's 1.1 inches, center to center on 4 of the 5 shots. one flier wrecked the group, but it was still on the black, so i can't bitch too much. 3 of the shots were around 3/4 inch. not bad for a cigar smoking, coffee drinking, after work shooting amateur.
i took the new Ruger out too. here are two target spots, each an inch in diameter.
Ruger MKIII Target
the optics dot is bigger at 25 yards than the spots, so i am not unhappy in the least that they didn't group in one tiny hole. it's actually not too shabby for me. i'm still trying to figure out this holographic site. it's manufactured to have minimum parallax at 50 yards, but definitely moves around at 25. i'll figure it all eventually. it just takes trigger time. each spot had 10 rounds fired at it.

for those interested in my other gun pics, here's my flickr set for things that go bang.

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Blogger beebs said...

I'm taking my eighteen year old daughter to the range. We'll be using shoot and see targets for the instant feedback.

Now I have to decide which of my pistols I am going to give her when she gets married. If not sooner.

beebs NRA Life

9/8/08, 6:13 AM  

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