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Friday, September 10, 2004

bill gertz on france and iraq

snippets of bill gertz's book "treachery" were run in the washington times this week. interesting examination of what may have been reasons why we encountered such grief from the french regarding the whole iraq issue. link is here


Blogger Alison said...

Some of us who pay attention had no illusions about why the French government opposed the war.

That said, it doesn't mean we agree with the action the US government took.

9/12/04, 1:12 AM  
Blogger bothenook said...

i understand, and note that france was not the only country that disagreed with the actions taken by the u.s., england, and the rest of the coalition. hey, if everyone agreed on everything, we'd only need one country. but if the language spoken wasn't english, there'd be some humorous moments while rednecks tried to speak a new language around their drawls. hell, it would be damned dangerous. one might hurt themselves trying to not laugh out loud. sprikin see dooche, y'all?
i, on the other hand, would adopt the attitude i found throughout most of the larger french cities...hey, learn my language, or don't even try communicating with me. at least that was my impression. except for the ones that could make a buck off of me. they would at least try to communicate.

9/12/04, 1:21 AM  

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