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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

calling all foodies

man, i've really been getting into this whole carnival of food thing (see links to left). some great recipes out there. i posted this over on Allan's blog, but i'm stealing it back so i can submit the dang thing. so here's what i wrote to allan:
want a quick marinade for beef? try 1/2 cup soy sauce (i like it full strength, but low salt works too), 1/2 cup water, one apple or pear puree (just take a nice ripe piece of fruit, blend, process or mash, and add to the bowl). couple clunks of garlic (or 1/2 to 1 tsp. garlic powder) and about 1/4 cup pureed onion (processor with some of the soy as liquid). finally, grate most of a finger of ginger, or a couple big pinches of ginger powder. mix it all together, and toss some beef shortribs, or tri tip strips into a ziplok bag with enough marinade to cover. toss in fridge overnight.
grill away....it's mighty damned good. it's a takeoff of korean kalbi-beef bbq sauce. my nice korean grandmotherly lady that lived next door to me when i was growing up showed me this sauce. hard to beat.
by the way, just about the only major difference between this and teriyaki sauce is pineapple juice instead of apples or pears. for an extra extra good addition, a little rice wine vinegar and a couple drops of toasted sesame seed oil caps the whole flavor pyramid.

the short ribs i fixed the other day were still great as leftovers for work this evening. ummmm, beef. cholesterol? d'oh!

for you chicken lovers, this is also a killer marinade for a couple of boneless skinless (why bother eating it then?) chicken breasts. toss them into a ziplok, let them soak for at least an hour or so, then grill. i use the left over marinade in the box to baste the breasts with on the grill. tasty.


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