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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

hmm, wonder if

dan rather had any directions or hints from the king of made up shit mike al-moor (saw this at little green footballs, and couldn't avoid stealing it.) sucker, you going down... what i'm trying to figure out is how the dreaded MSM (main stream media) has barraged Fox news, and then they get caught like this? with a computer generated forgery that joe average on the blogosphere caught as forgeries, and not the cbs research staff? please. after an almost non-stop hate bush itinerary on cbs from wilson to this, who has the fair and balanced news now? rush limbaugh?

so let's see, first clark (who told the 9/11 commission one thing behind closed doors, and something else when in public, and contradicted his own words in his own book...had to be lying somewhere in that mess), then wilson, who was so foul, that his lies were easily countered by just about everybody, mike al-moor's putrid polemic, 60 minutes almost slavish adherence to the hate-bush doctrine, and now dan ratherbiased and his forged documents. lies, lies, lies. and if you are a democrat, you can't help be see that honest and principled men of your party of both the conservative (miller) and liberal (crap, forgot his name...he was on ahem, fox last night) sides are decrying the foul and unprincipled direction your party has taken. not one of the staffers or the candidates have in any way shown anything other than outright support for these scurrilous attacks.

and you might say, "yeah, but when bush lied, people died." except i don't think bush lied. let's examine what has/is happening. first off, the entire world thought iraq had wmd's, up to and including the current demo candidate, who campaigned on the floor of the senate for then president clinton to do something about them. so we went in, after several u.n. resolutions calling for action. of course, there were those that voted FOR the resolutions, but then changed their mind...kind of flip-floppish if you ask me. i can understand why kerry likes germany and france so much, based on both his own, and their inability to take a stand. then there were reports, just before we began the invasion (and which probably prompted the attack, if we were to look close enough), of large movements of trucks and supplies heading into syria. so in we go, and take that murderous despot and his homicidal progeny out. but no weapons of mass destruction, other than a couple used as road side bombs, but the left can, and have, glibly ignored them. then a couple of months ago, jordanian officials caught a terrorist group based out of syria, where nothing but nothing happens without the official seal of approval (it's not like being in walnut creek, or des moines folks). this group had three trucks loaded with explosives and chemical weapons (hummm, wonder where they came from?), and the intent was to explode them near 2 jordanian government buildings, and the us embassy. an estimated 80,000 people, 80,000 people could have died, based on estimates published in several, but not all american newspapers. and now, possible evidence of syria using chemical weapons in the sudan. hmm, wonder where they came from. i wish the folks out there with a complete hatred for bush would pull their heads up out of the sand for a couple of minutes, and examine what is REALLY happening out there in the world. then look at the two campaigns. which one leaves you feeling dirty? and if you think the swifties are an underhanded campaign tactic, you haven't been paying attention to the vets, but have been listening to the newsies who have everything to lose if kerry doesn't win this election.

end of rant.


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