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Thursday, September 16, 2004

i am agog. that's the word, agog

and i quote:
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi lashed out at Republicans for going after CBS.
"The Republicans' latest attempt to intimidate the news media is a waste of taxpayer money and an egregious example of how this Republican House only exercises its oversight responsibility for partisan political reasons," the California Democrat said.
"Clearly, Republicans will stop at nothing to distract the public from their miserable record," she added.

this is from an article in the washington times linked here.

hey united states citizens: i apologize for all californian's that we had the unmitigated stupidity to elect this freaking whackjob to the house of representatives. i'm sorry. really, i'm sorry. we didn't mean to, but you have to remember that where she was elected from still thinks that dan rather and the cbs news isn't the disinformation arm of the democratic party. sorry nancy, but pointing out obvious lies and mis/dis-information disguised as a clean, hard news expose has been exposed for the lie that it is is as american as baseball on a workday afternoon. and your defending that lie makes you what? a dupe? a willing participant in the spread of the lie? a member of the club that thinks the public should only think what we are told to think by you and your cronies? stupid? guess it'll sell in san francisco and berkeley, but not anywhere reason reigns over dogma.

personally, i hope they find the sorry ass bastard that forged those documents (looks like there is a likely candidate: why, it's bill burkett. hummm, didn't he , no, he couldn't be the, was he, isn't he some big kerry suppor...no, nobody in their right mind would try to sway a presidential election using fraudulent methods, such as forging documents attributed to a dead military officer, would they? hmmmm? sounds like a felony rap to me, and i hope they pursue and prosecute this to the fullest extent of the law. what really cracks me up is ratherbiased is now trying to soft sell the forgeries, stating they may not be real, but the stuff in them is. wtf? they had their preconceived agenda, and went out until they found someone/thing to support it, regardless of all the warnings that it's probably bullshit. i see the humpty-dumpty falling off of the wall here, and there is no freaking way cbs is going to be able to put this one back together again. mainstream media failed to pay attention the growing number of computer savvy conservatives, and thought they could just say whatever they wanted to, and figured we'd just buy it. the only demographic that still believes in the evening news is the non-computer literate older generation that only watch the evening news and read the sf chronicle/ny times crowd. the rest of us are finding new places to get informed, and we are no longer subject to THEIR filter on the news. damn, i love computers, and i am absolutely enthralled with the blogosphere. thanks ali.. i was informed before, but the difference between pre-blog and post-blog is the difference between a college bachelors degree, and a doctorate in public and current affairs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

YEAH GEEZER!! AGOG AWAY!! How many, many times over the last decades that they've BERATED everything moral, etc.!! THEY CAN DISH - - CAN'T TAKE!

9/16/04, 9:28 PM  
Blogger Alison said...

You're welcome. It's cool, isn't it?

9/18/04, 6:59 AM  

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