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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

what a disengenuous dirtbag

that freaking kerry is a dirtbag. quoting from the washington times
The assault-weapons ban expired at midnight with no congressional action to renew it, and Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry blamed President Bush, saying he was aiding terrorists.
"Today, George Bush chose to make the job of terrorists easier, and the job of police officers harder," Mr. Kerry said.
so where the hell is kerry, when the congress is supposed to be "doing something"? out campaigning. it's not the president's job to keep that psuedo law in effect, but congress's and kerry, why the last time i looked, he was a !gasp! congressman. why isn't he at the front of the battle in the halls of congress, doing his job? guess he expects the president to do congress's job like he expects the EU to defend the u.s. and tell us when we can or can not kill a rat bastard when necessary.

and regarding that bogus law, one which unfortunately i have an even worse version here in california:
Researchers have found that the ban had little effect on crime — one recent study said the effect probably was "too small for reliable measurement" — and even some gun-control activists said the ban was ineffective.

thanks diane fienstien. 101 california wasn't a massacre, since the crazy bastard that went in only took out lawyers. but it could have been completely avoided if only one able shooter had been there, with a concealed weapon, and the training to use it. bah


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