Tuesday, April 19, 2005

some really good news for diabetes sufferers

bbc has an article about a woman who cured her daughter of diabetes with a cell donation. a man in the uk has been treated and cured as well. this is really good news for the millions of folks out there that have type I diabetes. thankfully, i've been given a pass on this particular malady, at least so far. but the news coming out of the research front has to be heartening to those who have been stricken.

on another front, the catholic church has a new pope. he hasn't been announced yet, but i'll bet a small round powder sugar coated confection that this is going to be the lead news story for at least a couple of days. we'll get the whole history lesson and biography, fed one or two paragraphs at a time to make sure the information can be used to fill as much time on the news as possible.


Blogger Vigilis said...

That IS very promising medical news for diabetes victims. Hopefully, the downsides will be minimal or overcome in short order.

4/19/05, 3:03 PM  

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