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Monday, June 06, 2005

one of the best d-day posts i've read this year

if you've been reading my blog for long, you have probably come to the conclusion, rightly, that i am impressed by and admire the writings and critical thinking skills varifrank displays with almost every one of his posts. i once again direct your attention to his post on d-day. this is eloquent and elegantly written. his previous posts are killer as well.
now for another stroke post: i can talk rings around hyper teenager on meth, but my writing skills, while not poor, need grooming to come even close to the standards some of the bloggers out there exhibit. if you want to see a couple of examples of well reasoned, and well delivered ideas and thought, check out any of the posts by varifrank, or willyshakes, gus,the two blogs by the state department republican underground new sisyphus and the daily demarche or the king himself lileks, either in his daily bleat or in some of the other projects he has embedded into his site.
as a matter of fact, there is another d-day post you should read from dr. demarche. getting the thoughts and conclusions from folks like him is why the blogosphere is educating a large chunk of the population in ways our universities would be well served to study and emulate.
you all make me wish i'd spent more time studying english, and less time studying the english student sitting in front of me. but in my defense, comparing the structure of a paragraph and the structure of a well filled sweater ... not much competition there for a hormonally infused post adolescent male.
it's a bitch playing catch up.


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