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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

how i am spending my october vacation

i just found my way onto the internet from deep within the pumpkin patch.
i forgot to mention that i would be disappearing for a month because october is our pumpkin patch time. every weekend, and 2 1/2 weeks vacation to go down to the farm and help diane's family out with their pumpkin patch.
so far this year, we've had both great and crappy weather. the days have mixed up both rain and sun, so no end of excitement there.
after countless field trips with preschool and elementary school students, i've once again come to the realization that if the adults would stay home, these things would go smoothly. i have many many more times trouble with the adults than i ever do with the kids. as a result of trying to talk over the incessant chatter and yipping and yapping by the adults, i've completely lost my voice. this is a bummer for a few obvious reasons, not least of which is that we teach the kids about farming and organic produce during their hay ride out into the farm.
oh well.

oh, and for the foodies out there, we sell a huge variety of squash, including the kabocha. i'd never eaten one, so i have been asking everyone that buys one how they fix it.
i'll post a number of them when i get a chance to cook and try them out. but here's one i found surfing that IS a winner. this is dayam yummy.

casey put in a pretty cool maze this year. 5 acres of family fun and the usual smattering of assholes and idiots. here's a link to his maze site .
this is what the maze looks like this year

i have a new camera, but forgot to bring the cables and software with me, so i'll have to do that when we get home in november. hope y'all have a fun halloween!



Blogger jeffox said...

Busy, busy, busy I see. Good to hear from you again, though. The maze looks very cool!

I will be looking forward to hearing from you again (and seeing the photos) when you get back. Take care, Bo; and don't work too hard, eh? :)

10/25/07, 1:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Been wonderin' where you were. I had forgotten about your annual punkin adventures.

10/25/07, 5:25 AM  

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