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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

it's official, McCain and Palin

dang, i just watched the Palin speech at the convention. i can see why the folks that know her in Alaska call her "Barracuda". a kid in one hand, and a set of brass knuckles on the other. i don't think the dems are prepared for someone like her.
oh, they'll dig, and squawk about everything, and if she's been a real campaigner for her constituents all along, there will be things that can be used, i'm sure.
guess we really won't know the mettle of her until the VP debates. a great delivery of a speech written by a staff is one thing. one on one with the old guard, a known scrapper in his own right, that will be one of the deciding factors.
but i have to say that speech was well crafted and well delivered.
McCain and Palin in 08

i may have to move out of the house until after the election, since i married a dem. a well read dem at that. dammit.

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