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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a taste of what a state run health care system looks like

so you want to have the government run the health care system? kind of like they do in Britain? how about we examine just what that might mean. how about in a system paid for by taxes dedicated to providing health care, there are more managers than midwives, as the article headline states.
managers have increased their ranks by 9% this year. a snip, and remember to substitute Democrat for Labor in the text. this is what we face:
Meanwhile the number of health visitors and nursing assistants, who help on the wards with duties including cleaning and helping the elderly to eat their meals, have fallen by 3 and 6 per cent respectively.

Critics say patient care is suffering because the NHS is putting more effort into employing bureaucrats - often in so-called 'non-jobs' - than front-line staff.

They say cuts in the number of nursing assistants will lead to more malnutrition on Health Service wards.

Overall, the numbers working in the Health Service rose by 2.8 per cent to 1.37 million - a quarter higher than the figure when Labour came to power.

The news comes after the Government admitted that NHS staff and other public sector workers would receive inflation busting pay rises, even though the private sector is struggling with pay freezes and job cuts as the recession begins to bite.

Conservative health spokesman Andrew Lansley said: 'Yet again funds that are urgently needed for the frontline are being swallowed up by Labour's bureaucratic black hole.

this goes hand in hand with another issue i ranted about some time ago HERE

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