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Thursday, April 02, 2009

living in a gun free zone

A father-of-two was beaten to death by a gang of drunken thugs just minutes after police told him they were too busy to help.

James Straiton, 59, and his neighbours dialled 999 six times after being threatened in their own homes by the gang.

But police operators said the force was experiencing a 'high volume' of calls and suggested they call a non-emergency number.
A report had also been passed to the court about the police response to the 999 call and Judge Evans said: 'The public will know that the police were very concerned about the response that was made to those calls.

'There has been a high-level investigation into their responses. It is apparent from the information gathered that there was an extraordinarily high degree of police commitment at the time which was responsible for this matter.'

Superintendant Graeme Sims of Cheshire Police today said: 'At the time of this tragic incident we were dealing with 21 different incidents - more than twice the average we normally get at that time on a Saturday night.

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as the saying goes, the police are only minutes away, when seconds count. me, i trust the cops, and rely on them to do their jobs. i also trust in my Springfield Armory TRP 45 acp to tide me over until they get there. all this guy had available to him was a hammer. my hammer is a lot smaller, but carries a bigger punch. at a greater distance. and sits behind a set of tritium night sights.



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