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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

what a bummer

here i am, working on a full recovery from a total knee replacement 5 weeks ago...it's doing well, thank you very much....and the weather outside is just screaming for me to grab the kayak and take it to the lake. if i could actually walk on two legs, i'd be there in a heartbeat. kind of hard to carry a 13 1/2 foot kayak while using a walker or cane.



Blogger bhd said...

Poor baby! Try to stay calm. I have infinite faith in your ability to cope.

9/6/11, 11:30 AM  
Blogger Elaine said...

ANISE was in the NYT Crossword today, and I thought of you! Mentioned Springerle in my blog comment and someone in Tucson responded that she thought she was the last person in the world still baking them. Au contraire...

Here's to your speedy recovery! And for some distraction, visit my blog, eh?

9/13/11, 12:51 PM  
Anonymous Creative Competitive Advantage said...

I think you better sacrifice for now until you are fully recovered. It's really worth the wait you know.

9/18/12, 7:05 AM  

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