Friday, November 10, 2017

Breaking from the social media hell and a bonus recipe!

So I've been absent from my blog for a quite a while. I've posted a lot of funny stuff, recipes, observations, etc etc etc on facebook, when I should have been here instead. I've gotten so tired of the unrelenting crap on my feed I just walked away a couple of weeks ago. But...being the gregarious geezer that I am, no outlet for my ramblings makes the old dude grumpy. Grumpy is not a good thing. So......here I am, and I will resume my blathering here, where I can moderate my posts and the comments to them. Hope I find a few interested folks that will keep a lively and rational dialog going So just to get my feet wet, I thought I'd post a picture of something I heard about while driving tractor on the farm this pumpkin season. One of my favorite things to do while out in the fields talking about the farm is to ask folks for new and novel ways of preparing the types of food Doug and Pops grow at J E Perry Farms. One of my favorite foods in the world is Delicata squash. There are so many ways to fix it that I've tried over the years (did I mention it's my favorite?) the thought of a new way to prepare it really surprised me. I mean, really surprised me, because it was so simple and so elegant that I was actually mad at myself for not thinking of it. First, cut off both ends of the squash so it stands up. Take a heavy knife and slice it in half. Do try and not cut off your fingers, eh? Gut the squash as you would normally, removing the seeds and membrane. Next, slice it cross-wise in about 1/2 inch slices, lightly brush a little olive or whatever oil you like and grill or I my case, griddle. No need to peel, just make sure you gave it a good bath before surgery. I made a little butter and brown sugar sauce to glaze them with as they came off the griddle. Zoiks. Somewhat reminiscent of sweet potato fries, but better.
Grilled delicata squash....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to see a salty old fart back on the blogs. I have done moderately the same as you. I suspended the blog and moved over to other social media. But over time my face-book became more and more irrelevant crap and very rarely was I in contact with someone from me recent to far past who had anything to say or would reply back to commentary left on their page. So I dumped it completely and have reverted back to perusing the internet for information good recipes and trying to keep updated on current events without raising to blood pressure.
I wish we could get Cookie and Bubblehead interested in posting again.

12/10/17, 7:14 PM  
Blogger bothenook said...

It has been a while! I am looking over the junk I've linked to on the side, and it is obvious I need to do some major housecleaning.
Yup, it would be cool if Cookie and Bubblehead, and a couple of others started blogging again. I miss the back and forth that you can only get from brothers of the 'phin...... everyone else gets all butthurt when you start capping on someone. miss the good natured harassment that was so central to our interactions for years....

12/11/17, 4:43 PM  

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