Thursday, December 28, 2017

I hope this isn't a sign of what's in store this winter

Here in Northern California, we've been suffering a dry dry autumn and winter so far. Nice days with the temperatures up in the 60s this week, but we sure could use some wet stuff from the sky!

I was walking down the walk along the side of our house when I spied a potential clue regarding the near future for weather..... Squirrels are of the natural world, and we've been told weather prognosticators have observed the natural world and the behaviors of the critters in it for clues regarding whether the winter will be wild, or the summer toasty. I'm not too sure how to read this sign. Is it going to be so cold the squirrels can't dig their walnuts out of the turf where many many have been buried, or will the water level be so high from the creek in the backyard that nuts have to be "squirreled" above the projected water level? The closest walnut tree is 100 feet away in the back yard along the creek...... Time will tell.

That brown lump is a fresh walnut, with the husk carefully removed by the fuzzy tailed rat that stuck it on the fence rail four feet off the ground.


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