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Friday, June 25, 2004

sorry, but i don't get this

ok, so i'm reading the news, and came across this .
now i'm not exactly sure about what the military is supposed to be doing, based on what the bozos in congress are spouting. let's see. the military is supposed to kill people and break things, which they do quite well. and now, they can't kill people (islamofacists) with bullets because the bullets were manufactured in Isreal? WTF? good thing i'm not in politics, because i think i'd be using the *f* bomb like the vice president did today in congress. i'd be using the word so often describing my disbelief that the american public would be desensitized even more than they are now. really, WTF?

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Blogger Edvardicus said...

Definitely use words like that myself, but who listens. As for Jeri, I'm just saying she can probably round up her own action and her husband was trying to win a senate seat by appealing to the moral majority, trying to round up a threefer was possibly not the smartest thing to do. This guy deserves the political equivalent of the Darwin award.

6/26/04, 5:24 PM  
Blogger bothenook said...

yeah, that was pretty stupid of her husband. but from what i've read about him, it was pretty much in line of other stupid stuff. the dems don't have all the dips

6/26/04, 8:50 PM  

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