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Friday, September 17, 2004

am i wrong to be pissed off?

i'm not sure how or what to think about this. driving home from work tonight, i passed through a huge road construction project. one of the big asphalt machines was all lit up, and waving above the operator's station was a HUGE mexican flag. this struck me as all wrong. i'm not sure why, but thinking about it has given me a list of reasons:

  • this is california, and it's a california transportation project

  • this is the united states, not jalisco or mazatlan

  • if this is a mexican paving company, why the hell is california not using californian companies to do the job?

  • if it was a mexican national operating the machine, why wasn't a californian doing so on a state transportation job?

  • if the flag was there because the operator or owner was proud of his heritage, why wasn't that an american flag, since they no longer live in mexico, but in california?

in this time of caterwauling about outsourcing work by the liberal left especially, why is this appropriate, especially in a predominately democrat area? i would think THEY would be upset. i'm not using this to show racism, because quite frankly, i could give a hoot less about your ethnicity or background. but if you are HERE, then be proud of being here. if not, go the fuck home.


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