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Thursday, September 02, 2004

you've got to be kidding

oh man. sam donaldson and gil gross. what a barrow full of tripe and excrement. i listened to the pres's speech on an ABC feed radio station, and the shear volume of partisan crap flowing out of their mouths is just another reason why i avoid the "mainstream media" (MSM) sources at all costs, when possible. i have a vague recollection of the coverage of kerry's speech by these guys, and it was all laudatory bowing and scraping. these chumps started the shredder before g.w. even took the stage. after over an hour of specifics, the comments by gross to the effect that it was a long speech about nothing, with only vague references to goals and programs. what crap. this is why the M.S.M. is losing their asses to independent feeds and internet. what a travesty. i'm sure that the u.s.a. is poorly served by the journalists that are supposed to be providing us with information, not opinions. that's what the opinion pages of the paper, or talk shows is for. for shame. just another coin on the balance scale pan on why i don't think sam donaldson should at any time describe himself as a journalist. same with gill gross. don't remember the third voice that kept overriding the pres's words, but this is one sad trio. i wonder if it was as bad on the other networks? i don't recall this treatment of kerry on fox news during his speech. even fox stuck closer to the journalistic ideals than abc. i am not amazed any longer. i'm only amused. or is it confused?


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