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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

old mom nature can be a

real unfriendly entity at times. it's a rotten month for weather this month, and it's killing us at the patch. but there are some bright spots. for instance:
i had a nice family come in from picking their pumpkins, muddy from stem to stern. the daughter was about 14 or 15, and was a mess. i jokingly bet her she couldn't run, and belly flop in the big puddle, and slide all the way to the lettuce, about 25 feet. she had that look, and being a dad of a couple of females, i've learned to recognize it. she looked at her mom, then her dad. neither one of them seemed too put out by my challenge, so i pulled out a twenty, and egged her on. damned if she didn't make it about 10 feet. a perfect slide into second base. not far enough for the twenty, but i gave her the pumpkin she'd picked out.
i took a couple of snaps with a cheapy disposable camera, so when they get developed i'll post if they are good enough to scan.
i'm still laughing. and so is her dad. we gave him a garbage bag big enough to fit a 55 gallon drum, and he made her get in the bag before he'd let her into his car. good old clean family fun.


Blogger Edvardicus said...

I'd a paid 20 bucks to see that even if she didn't make it, or at least a buck a foot.

10/27/04, 3:38 PM  

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