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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

that's it! that's it!

i finally have a political label i can live with.
i found this at a new to me blog by a former submarine officer (ok, so he was an officer. i won't hold that against him until i get to know him) at the stupid shall be punished.
so what is my label? why, it's a South Park Republican. it makes perfect sense! i am now official, i have a label! dayam, not every day you get to have your world ordered by a simple click. i feel so empowered. and if you read the definition of a south park republican, well, that's me! oh my god, they killed kenny! the bastards!

oh, and from the same place that defined my political label, an interesting read on the kyoto treaty. what a lousy, un-scientific, anti-american piece of tripe that was. anyway, you probably don't want to hear what my several years of investigating and reading has yielded. but you might be interested in reading this from tech central station. good site by the way.


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