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Thursday, December 02, 2004

interesting dialog about diversity in our schools

doing my daily sweep of the world's news sources, and ran across this one at The Economist. if you have ever read David Horowitz from Front Page Magazine, this shouldn't come as a real surprise. i find it interesting to see other sources are starting to report what has been an ongoing exclusion of all but the most liberal agendas at our campuses these days. no wonder the kids that come out of these institutions are so unprepared for the real world of work and responsibility, or that they have a completely skewed and unrealistic view of "how things work".

late entry:
oh geez, coffee in the sinus cavities again. let me quote Mark Steyn from an article in the National Review online addition.
"Anyway, after a week of trying to turn the Democratic whine into holy water, the House minority leader decided to chuck the saint-dropping"

edit: 3 december i am not sure if i just didn't pay all that much attention to other media outlets regarding one of horowitz's favorite topics, but this week seems to be replete with instances and discussions of the politicization, if you will, of our college campus classrooms. here is another instance, this from the wall street journal


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