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Sunday, February 06, 2005

great collection of photos

one of the regular posters over at the submarine board is an aussie bubblehead. he has posted a link to a great collection of pictures about aussie submarines. follow the Beneath Southern Seas.
as an aside, my buddy bobT posted a typical bobbism.
and i quote: " Great pictures. Our Navy might have a few more submarines, but yours has the "way cool" sweaters."

anyone interested in the official bobT cookie jar of sayings let me know. when we worked at Mare Island together, bob was the IT guy for our department (nuclear engineering). when we logged on the mainframe computer, he had a routine that would insert a pithy saying from the cookie jar. we all contributed, and i got the whole thing before they shut down our building during base closure. i used it as part of a javascript routine that cycled through the sayings list. the web site no more, but the file is still available.

a taste: "pioneers get all the arrows", and it was also the first place i saw "If you aren't the lead dog, the scenery never changes".

they made a real mistake when they installed the VAX computer. bob knew i was taking computer science classes in college (that was fun, working 60+ hours a week as a nuclear test engineer, 3 kids, 2 dogs, a tub full of turtles, a crazy (now ex) wife that spent every penny i made weeks before the check hit the bank, and 20 semester hours of computer, math, physics, and general ed stuff) so he challenged me to try to break the system. i did. pissed off the entire department when they had to bring the software engineers up from VAX headquarters, with a new operating system to reload and fix my tinkering. bob told me i wasn't allowed to try to break it anymore.

good times


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