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Thursday, June 23, 2005

"Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder"

yesterday's Wall Street Opinion Journal had an eye opening interview with a fiery and opinionated italian journalist and author, Oriana Fallaci.

the interview covered a lot of territory, but several things came out that really struck home.
Ms. Fallaci speaks in a passionate growl: "Europe is no longer Europe, it is 'Eurabia,' a colony of Islam, where the Islamic invasion does not proceed only in a physical sense, but also in a mental and cultural sense. Servility to the invaders has poisoned democracy, with obvious consequences for the freedom of thought, and for the concept itself of liberty."

and one of the most jarring and telling statements
The impending Fall of the West, as she sees it, now torments Ms. Fallaci. And as much as that Fall, what torments her is the blithe way in which the West is marching toward its precipice of choice. "Look at the school system of the West today. Students do not know history! They don't, for Christ's sake. They don't know who Churchill was!
i know that most kids in the u.s. don't either. the only link they have with history is watching an indiana jones movie, where indy talks about the knights templar or something.
Ms. Fallaci, who made her name by interviewing numerous statesmen (and not a few tyrants), believes that ours is "an age without leaders. We stopped having leaders at the end of the 20th century." Of George Bush, she will concede only that he has "vigor," and that he is "obstinate" (in her book a compliment) and "gutsy. . . . Nobody obliged him to do anything about Terri Schiavo, or to take a stand on stem cells. But he did."

But it is "Ratzinger" (as she insists on calling the pope) who is her soulmate. John Paul II--"Wojtyla"--was a "warrior, who did more to end the Soviet Union than even America," but she will not forgive him for his "weakness toward the Islamic world. Why, why was he so weak?"

i have to admit that i don't know much about the current pontiff, but i'm making it a point to. i think i'm beginning to see why the left was up in arms about his selection. anyone that doesn't think like they do, that doesn't toe the liberal line must be some sort of nazi. and we all know that nazis are bad. so by comparing anyone to a nazi or simply calling them a nazi is just about the worst form of name calling we have available in the west. look at the power of the phrase "like a nazi". durbin, the rep who got his head handed to him for making the broad and sweeping generalities that our treatment of the gitmo prisoners could be compared to the death camps was outrageous and misguided. but in this politically correct modern world, he can make those statements and have many back his play.
i have no argument with those that come to our country to better their lives and the lives of their children. i do have an issue with those same folks that come here expecting society to change to accommodate them, rather than they assimilate into the society. if things were so good where they came from, they should stay there. the reason things are so good here, and why folks from around the world struggle and not a few face life threatening events to reach american soil, is that we have a society based on the individuals worth. it works. and trying to change it to accomodate some 7th century ideal is crazy beyond the pale.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Radical Islamic Threat – An American Primer
Haneef Al-Humacao

Current U.S. Attitude: Complacent Civilians / Vigilant Military
In August 2004, neither the threat of radical Muslim terrorists nor a tenet of the entire Muslim faith requiring violence is acknowledged by politically correct U.S. citizenry or mainstream clergy. A prominent political party characterizes the Islamic jihadist threat as an overblown quest for power by isolated thugs from Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. Muslim clerics do not condemn the thugs, however.

The risk of instant harm at the hands terrorists pales in comparison to highway mortality. This analogy is very wrongheaded, however. Terrorist violence is more of a plague –it can potentially wipe out society. Although plague contagion appears to lie dormant, vectors suddenly spread it to many victims. Likewise, Al Qaeda terror cells colonize and patiently plot, aided by sympathetic hosts.

Global Reach: Cells, Recruiting and Financial Support
According to Britannica Yearbook,1997, nearly one in five people claims the faith of Islam. There are 69 countries throughout the world whose Muslim populations comprise at least 10% of their total (http://islam.about.com/library/weekly/aa120298.htm). There is at least one radical, Muslim leader in each of these countries capable of recruiting thousands of followers and diverting “charity” funds.

China’s Muslims, barely 3% of its total population, number almost 29 million, or twice the number of Southern Baptists in the U.S. The combined Muslim populations of just three small countries: Pakistan, Nigeria and Ethiopia exceeds the entire U.S. population. (CIA fact book statistics).

Less than 15% of Muslims are Arab. Most are Asian. Morrocan terrorists may have carried out Spain’s recent train bombings, but an almost “shoe bomber” was distinctly British. Al Qaeda supported cells have also been reported in the Philippines, Indonesia, France, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Belgium, Italy, South America, the Chechen Republic, New York, Detroit, Florida, and Arizona. Muslim political influence has been growing steadily in France and there is currently one U.S. congressional candidate receiving Muslim support.

Historical Precedent: The “Scourge of God”
Islamic radical terrorism is nothing new. Global sovereignty of Islam has been their stated aim. Before bin Laden was Tamourlane (Timur the Lenk, 1336-1405). Calling himself “the Scourge of God,” Tamourlane unleashed his militant bands to vanquish Afghanistan, exterminate 80,000 souls in Delhi, and behead thousands of Christians who were in his way.

Terrorist Strategy: Incite Muslim Fervor to Violence, Exploit Our Weaknesses
Imbedded feminism, gay rights, and religious pluralism are not symbols of societal strengths to Wahhabi Muslims, but are symbols of Satanic power and infidel willingness to tolerate corruption. Only the U.S. lead coalition stands in the way of Tamourlane’s latest surrogates, who must pounce again and again to disrupt our economy. Beheading women and slaying children on U.S. soil, however, may ultimately prove less costly and more ghastly than monumental maneuvers to date. Given the chance, terrorists will gravitate to simpler tactics with greater frequency. Muslim candidates will seek political office to hasten destruction of our government and install war lords to invoke martial rule.

U.S. Counter: Deny Office, Promote Unity, Expect Clerical Condemnation
The would-be “war lord” of your region has already consorted with known criminals, lied to juries, aspired to, and more than likely been elected to political office. He/she is spineless enough to convert to the Muslim faith in the two minutes actually required. We must shun such candidates; deny them office; promote national unity against terrorism; and expect their true leaders (i.e. Muslim clerics) to condemn acts of terror quickly, loudly and clearly.

6/23/05, 12:37 PM  

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