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Thursday, December 01, 2005

latest from bill. cool pictures of Mt St Helens

Here is something not many of us get to see, unless you live near there - Mt. St. Helens at sunrise.

Mt. St.. Helens continues to spew ash, while it is forming a lava dome in the crater and still having minor tremors.

Here in this sunrise shot, she appears to be blowing smoke rings (and anything so benign is welcomed, given recent history).

What forms the "smoke rings" is the air flowing over the mountain getting pushed up higher as it goes up and over the top. The moisture content and initial temperature are just right so that the moisture condenses from a vapor to small particles at the higher altitude. When the moving air moves past the peak and comes down again, the particles evaporate back to an invisible vapor.

The two "pancakes" describe that there are two layers of air for which this is happening, thus making this awesome picture possible.

Picture by Brent and Jan LeBaron

as usual, click for larger image


Blogger Allan said...

Those look Photoshopped, but I know they are real and I do understand the science behind it.

12/6/05, 4:35 PM  
Blogger bothenook said...

i've actually seen the bottom one over mount shasta. i'ts pretty spectacular, but only lasts a couple of minutes, in my experience.

12/7/05, 10:00 AM  

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