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Sunday, March 12, 2006

humor from denver, via napa

so two arabs immigrate to the united states. after making it through customs, they are ready to part, heading off to new homes in the land of opportunity. abdul looks at mo, and says "you know, we are both going to become good americans. we will both succeed, but i will bet you $10,000.00 american that i will be more american than you in one year's time. i propose we meet in new york one year from today, and compare." mo agrees, and they part ways.

one year to the day later, mo and abdul meet in a trendy bistro in manhattan to compare their americanization.

abdul says "i am most certainly more american than you, mo. i married a big breasted blonde woman with an 8 year old son. the son is a champion soccer player, and i coach his team. he was voted little league most valuable player this year, and i helped get him ready to play this season. i bought a big black SUV, a half million dollar home, got elected president of the local rotary club, and am the main fundraiser for my son's PTA. i started a business, and have done so well, that i've opened 7 franchises, all of which were profitable from the first day of business. and you, mo, how can you say anything that would make you more american than me?"

mo uttered two words.

"fucking raghead"


Blogger ~Just Michelle~ said...


I did not laugh or snicker!

3/13/06, 5:35 PM  
Blogger jeffox said...

Ah, it's the old "success breeds contempt" kinda joke. :)

3/14/06, 5:26 PM  

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