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Sunday, May 28, 2006

my favorite all time joke. period

we were talking today, and the subject of our favorite jokes came up. here's mine. it's about 30 years old. or should i say, i've known this joke for at least 30 years. it's probably a lot older than that.

a young salesman was driving the farm roads, looking for a customer. fresh from college, filled with all kinds of ideas, and armed with a stack of farm machinery brochures, he was sure there was a sale awaiting him out there somewhere.

he pulled into the drive in front of a farm house. an old woman was sitting on the porch shucking peas.

"madame, my name is Jones, and i represent the Smith group of farm impliments. is the man of the house around?"

"he's out back, feeding the pigs" came the reply.

now was the perfect opportunity to show the farmer the convenience and economy of the company's feeding equipment. as he walked around the house, he spied the farmer standing under an apple tree, holding a pig up. the pig would take a bite, and the farmer would lower the pig as it chewed the bite. once the bite was swallowed, the farmer would hold the pig up into the branches again, and repeated the process.

"Holy Crap!" thought the young salesman. this is going to be an easy sale for sure. he goes through his introduction again, and then continued on with the spiel. "I can garauntee to save you a lot of effort and time when it comes to feeding your pigs sir!"

"wall, ya know, it ain't that much effort sonny" replied the farmer.

"But, what about all the time it takes you to feed the pigs?"

"what's time to a pig?"


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