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Friday, December 14, 2007

been a while: bubblesphere blog roundup

been a while since i've done this.
as always, though, if you want the very latest news related to submarines and all things submersible on the web, visit The Sub Report, your one stop shop for submarine related news and opinions.
this is just what the blogging bubbleheads out there have posted this week, and most of it is life in general stuff...

Joel, at The Stupid Shall be Punished has posted a couple of submarine entries, but really seems disheartened by his wishy washy senator. Joel, don't take it too hard. there are so few politicos out there that show any integrity at all these days.

and Chap has a couple this week regarding political backbiting (humor) and military culture both are worth a read, but i strongly recommend you look at the military culture post. chap is a pretty smart guy, and i'm glad he's on our side.

and our resident objectivist gus has an interesting take on the recent "civil rights" issues that have been cropping up in the news lately. and as i've said before, his roundups are always informative.
hell, you should make gus and chap two of the manditory stops while browsing every day. both bring intelligent analysis and reasoning to a variety of topics that affect us. if you can't tell, i'm a big fan of both of them....

and i'm not going to point to a specific post by vigilis over at molten eagle. let me just direct you to his site. he constantly surprises me with submarine and military posts about stuff i've never heard of, or analyzes info in a way completely differently than i do. and that's a good thing...

and nobody can ignore the humor over at the cookshack. this week cookie posted a great video reminding us to say thanks. thanks cookie.

and Myron posts a video that's been running around for a while titled women in film. i've seen it before, but it's still worth looking at again, and again, and... . oh, and stop by and congratulate the proud grandpa of a new baby girl. yes myron, she is sweet...

and Mike comments on how hard it is to be a Jewish conservative at family gatherings. hell, mike, you ought to try hanging out with my wife's family. talk about feeling like the odd man out! fortunately i'm bigger than all of them, and they know i'm armed! that keeps things under control somewhat!
and i recommend Mike's blog to everyone that will listen. smart guy, even if he is now a lawyer....

the old coot introduced me to a new holiday this year. i think i can get behind this one...

and do not go to old gary's site http://oldgary.blogspot.com/ for a while. looks like it was jacked! GARY!!! SOMEONE'S JACKED YOUR BLOG WITH SPAM SPAM SPAM

our resident eater megamunch posts a pic/recipe for an interesting looking burger. sorry dude, chocolate and cranberries?

so the A-ganger chief tells us what he really thinks, with no reservations: "Seems the only security guard that came to work that day with a gun AND a set of balls was the chick. The "less" twins (Hope & Dick) were too busy playing peek-a-boo to do what had to be done. If you set the balls of this pair on a razor's edge it'd look like a set of BB's on a four-lane interstate!"
i'm with you, that chick needs and medal, and those "guards" need a kick in the ass.

and DSC posts a timely quote

dalejarret4ever passes on a Christmas wish to us all. you too, bub.

over at Right Mind, there's an interesting tidbit about a student fighting back against a moonbat teacher.

midwatch cowboy looks into the 313 ship Navy. whatever happened to the 500 ship fleet of not so long ago? have they gotten so "advanced" and specialized that we can only afford a couple? stupid question, because i already know the answer.

and Doc MacDonald let's us know what he thinks about saint algore's recent comments regarding the culpability of our nation regarding the impending disastrous and really really bad global warming armageddon just weeks away.

ditto for the Chucklehead

and one of my new favorite bubblesphere bloggers has a great post about a petition to end global warming if you haven't spent any time wandering around the sleepy eyed whiner of the deep's site, i recommend you do so.

so that's all that's new this week. some of our bubblehead brethren haven't posted anything new this week, or in many many weeks. bummer. some smart and funny guys out there, and i miss their inputs



Blogger Cookie..... said...

Always a big cookshack thanks fer the plug mate.... :-)

12/15/07, 2:37 PM  
Blogger Jay said...

Bo - thanks for the kudos! Been a little slack lately with Christmas shopping, but I'll post some fresh content this week!


12/15/07, 10:26 PM  
Blogger Chap said...

Thanks much for the kind words! Good roundup, too...

12/26/07, 8:06 PM  

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