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Thursday, September 18, 2008

a nice commute home today

one of the really cool things about my commute is that my favorite local range is somewhat between my work and my home. i've started using that fact as an excuse to stop by at least once a week on my way home to do a little target practice.
today was an all .22 day.
0_18_08 todays toys
sorry, but i took these pictures with my cellphone camera, so they aren't quite up to National Geographic standards, but suffice for what they are.
so i spent a while, fired 300 rounds into two targets at 25 yards offhand, and went home.
9_18_08 target
as always, click for other size options

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Blogger HMS Defiant said...

I had the same good deal for the last three years but unfortunately was working on a naval installation that frowns on bringing weapons and ammo aboard so there was no stopping for target practice.

On the other hand, I could shoot the lights out with navy pistols and ammo whenever I felt up to it.

10/13/08, 1:08 AM  

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