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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

i can get behind this idea.

the last paragraph of an article pointing out the stupidity of "diversity at all costs" currently being practiced by our military and government.
Under those circumstances, the least the Army can do is ensure that his victims - both those who are gone and those wounded in his attacks - receive Purple Hearts for the losses they incurred at the hands of the enemy.

here's the link thingie to the entire editorial.

evidence is mounting that this wasn't just some shrink that fell off the edge. i saw that hasan had some web page where his name was followed by SoA (soldier of allah). WTF?

and he was "worried" about going to a theater of war where muslims were being killed? WTF? what about all those poor muslims killed by fellow muslims all over the middle east. i guess you can only clump all muslims into one catagory when you are making an argument against the war from the American side. it's ok if they kill each other, because it's believer on believer death and destruction. it just isn't ok if it is infidel vs believer.
kiss my ass



Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, gosh darn it. A crime was committed. The injured and dead were thousands of miles from a battlefield.
They should not get purple hearts.

11/10/09, 12:04 PM  
Blogger bothenook said...

yeah, i can hear it already from those that refuse to accept their version of reality is fatally flawed.

11/10/09, 12:27 PM  
Blogger bothenook said...

and i can hear it already, we don't need a military, just a lot of diversity councilors to show americans why they are wrong.

11/10/09, 12:28 PM  
Blogger reddog said...

I don't give shit who they give medals to. They're just little pieces of tin on a ribbon. If they make the families of the dead feel better, they serve their purpose. Give'em some Bronze Stars too.

You're missing the whole point of how the American wars in the Middle East are perceived by the Muslim community, here and there. In reality they are simply stupid and pointless but the Muslim community perceives them as punishment for punishment's sake alone. They don't feel like they did anything to deserve it. It makes them mad. They feel they are being picked on, especially since they don't see any Iraqis or Afghans who ever did anything terroristic in the West. Sure, they're primitive and bestial and behave like it's 700 AD. It is 700 AD over there. The stuff they do, they do to each other, in their own homes, in their own country.

The 911 boys were mostly Saudis with a couple of Egyptians thrown in. These are countries we're bending over backwards to be nice to. We sell the Saudis weapons. We give them to Egypt. We're not laggered up around every little waterhole in those countries, looking for reasons to mow down the locals.

Hasan was a Palestinian, for God's sake. What do you expect from him? All those guys have a chip on their shoulder and you know why. If we'd given him some Zionists to kill, he'd be smilin' today through the blood on his teeth and hummin' the Star Spangled Banner to boot and every Palestinian strongboy between here and the West Bank would be lining up to join the US Army. You want people to fight for ya, give'm the right motivation. Especially shrinks, they're all half crazy to start with and get worst from there.

These Middle Eastern Wars have torn the guts out of America, done nothing but hurt us and at the same time engender sympathy for the cause of Islamic extremism. In the end, we can go home and lick our wounds. The lasting damage will be the further scapegoating of Zionist Israel and an upsurge in World wide anti Semitism. You can already see it happening.

11/15/09, 2:58 AM  

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