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Sunday, September 05, 2004

been thinking about what happened in russia this week

and i am physically ill over what happened to those poor kids. does anyone need proof now? we are not at war with barney loving kumbiya singing long haired peace symbol wearing counter-culture types. we are at war with the most despicable and violent murderers our country has faced in decades. we are dealing with cold blooded ruthless murdering thugs. this is just another step in their journey towards rolling the calendar back centuries in their attempt to invoke Sharia law. are they to be tolerated in our rapidly shrinking world? or removed as the cancer they are? can their tactics here and here be allowed to go unanswered? claims of 7 arabs in the group only proves the point that these islamofacists don't have just one leader, one nation, one race. it's not the arabs we need to eradicate from this earth. it's anyone subscribing to the same belief system that allows this kind of murder. i think it's time to stop trying to find excuses, and time to allow the president free reign to pursue the war on terrorism he told america that was necessary. he warned us in his speech to congress following the 9/11 attacks that this war is going to be a long one, and a costly one, but one that cannot be avoided. President Bush declared war on terrorism. we all cheered, in homes and bars and where ever we had gathered to hear his speech across the land. but it seems americans have an extremely short attention span, and if it isn't hurting this very second, it's not important, and if it's happening to someone other than us, all the better. who will fight the war on terrorism? the responsibility cannot be abrogated to an international organization that can't keep a lid on kosovo, or even calm things down in the sudan. what, we'll talk embargo as 1000 a day die in the sudan, as i've read in numerous reports?

wake up. wake up. this could have been anywhere. our oceans no longer protect us. only we can protect ourselves, and we MUST do it on THEIR turf. i'm not talking genocide here, but the suppression of a value system so toxic that it kills innocent little kids. isn't that what we stand for? isn't that part of the american psyche, our culture? or have we forgotten that in our mad rush to make a buck, to live comfortably, to have no strife. well, if we don't get with the program, and now, it will be the metreon that explodes. or The Mall of America. or your kid's preschool. when? can't tell, but it's going to happen. we are not as safe as we all thought on september 10, 2001. our world has changed, and we need someone decisive and committed to lead this country. there are a lot of things about the pres. that i'm not too happy with. i think he spends too much money on crazy stuff. he increased the education expendatures by 80% over those spent by the previous administration. that isn't a federal role, but a state's responsibility. he promised 16 BILLION dollars to help fight aids in africa and world wide (more than the entire rest of the world combined, by the way). well, color me somewhat indifferent. why is it OUR responsibility to combat this disease, when all we get is slammed for our help? and how about the prescription drug "benefit" which is going to cost the american taxpayers TRILLIONS of dollars as reported by the democrats that voted against it (good call democrats, i'll give you that one), and that's just the drug program (which has some heavy caveats to it's use) under government control. imagine what it's going to cost if they (whomever they may be) get their way and socialize medicine. but even though i disagree with his ban on stem cell research, on his archaic objections to same sex unions, on abortion, all of that pales in comparison to how i feel about his steady, steadfast, focused approach on the war against terrorism. afganistan and iraq. who's next? syria, iran, north korea? i don't know, but i wish he'd hurry up and let the troops finish what needs to be finished, with no hand wringing sobbing from the left keeping our kids from taking care of business in iraq. the iraqi's are holding elections in january, and we need to make that country stable enough so that it has a chance to change the middle east. then, it's on to the next bad character to pop up in the crosshairs. the phillipines would be a good place to start, then malaysia, and throw those three i mentioned earlier in the mix as well. might as well flex a little and bully the saudis while we are at it, considering that they are one of the greatest funding sources and manpower sources for most of the crap that's going on in that part of the world. can't afford your next tank of gas? just wait until we stir that pot. might as well start squirreling away your coin for the time fuel becomes your biggest expense.

hey george...kick ass, and forget about taking names. let history sort it all out. and while you are at it, tell those geniuses down at lawrence livermore they have 6 months to develope a viable alternative to fossil fuels or they are all fired. that'll get them going.


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