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Thursday, September 02, 2004

cross post.

i posted this as a response to a post on my bud dwardo's blog, with the specific entry linked below in the text. i thought that perhaps what was said was important enough to repost here. please read on...

ah, my fine liberal friend. good quote, by the way. let us examine those who may speak: "i died on an airplane, on my way home from a business trip"... "i died while fixing breakfast in the restaurant i worked at on the 120th (or whatever) floor". those are the voices, the voices of joe citizen that is heard. soldiers, soldiers place their lives in the hands of those that lead, understanding that they may be asked to sacrifice all so that others may continue to live, and not have their voices join the chorus of the innocents. you may not understand that, and there is no requirement that you do so. but THEY understand, and in this case, THEY are doing the job they joined the military for, and that is taking the war to the enemy's backyard, as far from home as possible.
i grieve for each young life snuffed out. i feel for their families and friends. but this is an all volunteer military, my friend. and those volunteers joined without press gangs, or a draft. different generation, different war. this is not vietnam, and perhaps those that are unable to differentiate between the two need to examine what it is they are actually for, and against.
amigo, a smart guy like you should be able to cut through the rhetoric and see what it is that is happening in this tumultuous world. we did not ask for this, we did not paint huge targets on the sides of our buildings. what we have done is stand by a friend in the middle east that is constantly on the verge of extinction. and for that, this country has gained the animus of those for whom a leap to the middle ages would be a leap forward. this is a new kind of enemy; one that finds no issue with killing innocents on the street by blowing themselves up. this is an enemy that paid the families of those bombers compensation as a means of continuing a steady stream of "heroic" volunteers. this is an enemy that would climb on an airplane with explosives to bring the plane down. this is an enemy that uses deadly force to hold an elementary school full of little kids and their teachers and parents as bloody bargaining chips in their "struggle" to return to the dark ages. these are just the latest examples of the activities being carried out throughout the world. perhaps these are activities we will see in our own country. how do you combat this? waffle, weasel, and woof for years while trying to gain a consensus? or do you stand up and say "that's it" ?
1100 of our countrymen and women have gone into harm's way, and came home in coffins. to these heros we owe a thanks that is impossible to deliver. but their compatriots are still there, on the line, showing the world that the u.s.a. is no longer willing to talk about the issue, but is now taking action. those that support and lend safe havens and aid are now put on notice. this is what we can do, this is what we will do, this is what we ARE doing. the time for talk ended when the first plane hit.
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