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Thursday, September 02, 2004

what i heard on the radio

made me shake my head. i was listening to one of those "liberal" talk hosts on the radio as i drove home tonight. i like to hear what the ahem, other side, ahem, thinks and is talking about. i've tried to keep my mind open. you know what i thought as i pulled into my driveway, after listening to the blathering and babbling for over an hour?
john f. kennedy would not recognize the people in the party he lead 40 years ago. you know what i heard, time and time again? i'll translate the noise for you: "i don't want to do anything for my country. i just want to know what more the government will do for me." don't believe it? if you can stomach it, give it a listen. more more more government dole. more programs, more more more.
jfk must be rolling in his grave.


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