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Friday, October 29, 2004

cool... the san francisco chronicle

ran an article about my father-in-law, and his farm. pretty good accuracy, except they wrote that my wife diane is pop's sister, not his daughter. that's close to the only big oops, so not bad.
link here.

our season is drawing to a close. we gave the last school field trip today, and it was a lot of fun. i look forward to this all year, and squeeze every bit out of the experience that i can. tonight i was giving night rides on the hay wagon, stopping out in the middle of a corn field, and turning off the tractor and it's lights, and asking..."any of you see the movie CHILDREN OF THE CORN?" goofy, but fun. only two days to go. bummer. my one week vacation away from reality is coming to a close, and monday i have to go back to work. i will have worked 40 days straight before i get a day off next weekend, between working here on the pumpkin patch during weekends and my real world job during the week, but it doesn't seem like i've missed "time off", even with my vaction week being spent here. something about this that really calls to me. don't think i could do pop's job year round, but i sure have fun doing the pumpkins with all of the folks that come visiting, and the school kids for their field trips. only 11 more months until pumpkins!


Blogger Edvardicus said...

Really nice story. I got the feeling of being there, and know why you love it. I bet Di got a bit of a chuckle out of being described as Joe's sister. oops.

10/30/04, 5:22 AM  

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