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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

the horrors of aging

i was doing some minor packing in the garage. we're getting ready to pull up tentpegs here in napa, and are moving to vacaville in a couple of weeks. hence the packing. i came across some old photos from my young sailor days. i scanned one in, and thought i'd share what 27 years, a couple of kids, 50% overtime, and a hell of a lot of fun will get you. for those squeamish viewers, please avert your eyes.
young bo the nook, (5'10", 180 pounds, 4% bodyweight measured by the doctor) attending school in hawaii, 1977. we used to joke that you could always tell if a fast attack submariner had been to school, because he was the only one on board that didn't look like he'd seen a ghost, what with a great tan and all. what's really scary is my kids are older than i was when this picture was taken. edit: just looked at this picture, and the bigger version hidden underneath it, and it really looks orange. doesn't look that way on my monitor at home. oh well.

bo the nook (5'something, 270 pounds, and the body weight percentage meter pegged), 27 years and countless pizzas, ribs, and other goodies later. taken this summer while working on my rental. scary. really scary


Blogger bhd said...

As an aging citizen who has herself morphed into a strange and cruel caricature of her worst nightmares, let me say two thing:

First: hubba hubba! And great smile!

Second: That is still a most excellent and mischievous smile ya got there...*smooch*

11/21/04, 3:00 PM  
Blogger Edvardicus said...


11/24/04, 5:02 PM  

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