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Thursday, November 04, 2004

i lied, one more moment

hey mike moore you fat pestilential piece of fecal excrement. fuck you, and the clones and drones that follow you as if you were the savior of the country. time to pack it up, and get the hell out of dodge. as vehemently anti-american as you have become in the last several years, i am sure you will not have any problems finding a home and a following in the countries you toured in the last 12 months as you tore down our country for adoring audiences.

fuck you fuck you fuck you.

sorry folks, i normally try to utilize a little more civilized language, indicating a grasp of the language somewhat better than a dentally challenged inbred grade school dropout. but i just can't think straight or intelligently when it comes to mike al-moor, because my hatred for that fat fuck has transmogrified from dislike to a visceral and elemental rage at the mere mention of his name. i hate him almost as much as he has expressed his hatred of our country, in public throughout europe.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No problem… Personally, I could find far more “uncivil” choice words to use on that traitor’s behalf.

I think that bastard has come down with Canadianatitis. He thinks Canada is the greatest country in the world. Ranked No. 1 for 8 years running by the United Nations. The City of Vancouver was the No. 1 ranked city in Canada by the U.N.

I live in Canada so I know better. In Vancouver there are enough spineless draft dodgers who have taken up residence since the 1960’s. There are safe injection zones for heroin users, into which areas the police are not allowed.

O well that is the United Nations for you.

12/25/04, 9:15 AM  

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