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Thursday, November 04, 2004

i've done quite well

not jumping up and down gloating and screaming SO THERE and whatnot. but i've just about run out of patience and so i must, for just one moment, bask in the glory of the results of this election. ahhhhh. ok, enough. but let me allow ms peggy noonan of the wall street journal opinion mag (linked at the left) to carry on for me in a subdued but still gloating manner

4 more years. ahhh.

i saw a couple of young ladies come into my midpoint coffee shop the night of the election. obviously college age, they were wearing t-shirts stating "MEMBER OF THE VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY" on the front, and "DOING ALL WE CAN TO BRING DOWN HILLARY IN THE NEXT 4 YEARS".

imagine they must be pretty lonely at uc davis, the left wing of the UC school system, yolo county branch. of course, they were damned fine looking young ladies, and we all know what kind of conscience or political convictions young men have when on the hunt. maybe not as lonely as one might have imagined at first look.


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