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Thursday, November 04, 2004

thank you mike al-moor

for the following image.

please read Michelle Malkin's commentary regarding the picture.

it is a mosaic of the soldiers that gave their lives in the service of us, under the commander in chief that took the battle to the enemy, rather than waiting for another slam. i don't think the guy that put it together, or that fat sack of shit-guts mike al-moor understand just how fitting the picture is.

this image has been used by mike al-moor as a protest against the second election win by our president. i would like to say that instead of a protest, i find the picture very moving, a tribute to those who have fallen in combat, taking the war to the enemy's backyard, not ours. these images are of the fallen heros, some used up to three times to make the mosaic.
thank you for your service, youngsters. you have kept our lands safe and free so far, and i hope that the continued efforts and sacrifices you and your fellow servicemembers continue to do so.

thank you. thank you from the bottom of my heart. i am printing and framing the large version of this image, and hanging it over my desk to remind me of the sacrifice others are willing to make to keep me and my family safe.


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