Friday, April 22, 2005

getting capped in the crapper

ordinarily, i defend the right to own and use firearms. i expect those who do so are at least competent in their use and care. i hold military and police to a higher standard than the average Joe, since cops and soldiers carry weapons all the time. when i read about things like this, i get so mad i could scream. i thought of writing something witty about the location and the actions leading to the shooting, but i just can't. this cop should get his gun pulled, and sent packing. if he can't keep the damned thing holstered while taking a piss, he's jeopardizing everyone within at least a half mile of him at all times. a pistol that falls out of a holster when taking a leak can be stolen and used against him and/or anyone around him. look what happened when they had this bitty woman guard and accompany that big bruiser that killed the judge and others in the courtroom down south. this is just criminal. probably stupid, criminally stupid as well.
damn, i hate when idiots add fuel to the anti gun fires. asshole


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