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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

"My concern is how did an upstanding citizen

like my son, my pride and joy, get to (sic) into this situation?"

well, my answer to sgt. hasan akbar's father is this: your son subscribes to a "religion" that preaches hate. An Egyptian friend of mine has equated the fundamental sects of islam to satanism. its foundations are built on hate, death, and evil, rewarding murderous acts with paradise. all in the name of allah. that, sir, is what got your derelict of a human being into the situation he is in now. there is no other blame to be spread.

edit 4/21/05 leave it to the military to cut to the chase. looks like this rat bastard was found guilty after only a couple of hours of deliberation. if this same jury deems the punishment appropriate, akbar faces the death penalty, one of Six in the federal military system. i still say they need to release him into the general population of some military prison. he'd be dead in less than a week.


Blogger Vigilis said...

Yes. Perhaps this will be as great therapy for you as it is for me:

Open Letter to Osama bin Laden:

”If the sheer barbarism of the Taliban regime is your version of an Islamic society, then you must be a true dreamer to think that any Muslim with half a brain will listen to you. The long lost tribal simplicity and austerity that once characterised the practice of Islam interest no one today. The self-inflicted death of intellect in Islam a thousand years ago is the main cause of the retrogressive and unenlightened mullah culture in Muslim societies today. Your self-selected messiahism is too opportunistic and shallow to become a political movement of a revolutionary sentiment among the dispossessed Muslims of the world. If you are offended at the presence of US troops in Saudi Arabia, let me tell you something: the great majority of us Muslims do not give a damn. Oil is what matters to the West and the East and Pax-Americana would be just as happy with the oil fields belonging to this or that political entity along the eastern board of the Arabian peninsula where all the oil rests. So now, much too late, if you want us to believe that apart from your petty vendetta against the Saudia, you are also the leader of the Palestinians, it’s just too late my friend – the people of Palestine have been betrayed far too long by their Arab brothers.” - Izzat Majeed,

4/20/05, 7:13 PM  
Blogger Skippy-san said...

For the third time I will try to post this comment. (Blogger is starting to piss me off). I so agree with this! I am sick to death of hearing that Islam is a religion of peace. Its not and we all need to wake up to that fact.

Until the Arab world rids itself of this alabatross, it will never progress forward in the world.

Mr Akbhar, your son screwed up and now he is going to pay for it.

4/21/05, 1:14 AM  

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