Friday, April 15, 2005

a not for prime time recipe: beer roasted cat

so i was wandering around the various blogs i have linked, and stopped by Molten Eagle's for a little refreshment. what i found tickled the perverse in me so much that i just had to steal it and share it with those foolish enough not to visit his site.
what am i talking about? how does beer marinaded cat sound? yup beer roasted cat. now before you go visiting, i must warn you the site is pretty graphic, and it's posted on what looks like a sex site. so be warned. and if you don't know how to get a cat to try this on (as far as i know, no supermarket chain carries them in the meat case), you might want to check out this site.
would i eat a cat? not if there was something else to eat. have i ever eaten cat? i don't know. we used to get all kinds of mystery meat from street vendors all across southeast asia and the pacific rim. hell, i have probably eaten monkey, sea gull, dog, horse (well, actually, i have eaten horse. it was practically a staple in france when i lived there) and any number of game critters. so what's the big deal about cat? it's a delicacy in parts of the world. am i suggesting you kill your cat and eat it? depends. does it come into my yard and crap all over everything, and piss on my exercise bike on the back patio? then yes, kill your cat and eat it.


Blogger Vigilis said...

How right you are. We have all probably eaten cat already. When I travel, I am very careful about what I eat. In one country we had whale for dinner (because we insisted on it). A delicious, if only slighltly salty steak!

4/15/05, 2:08 PM  

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