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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

blogging roundup

not to sound like a broken record, but if you haven't had your latest fix of varifrank, this quote should whet your appetite.
Oh, but Canada’s not so bad, is it? Canada was once a proud and virile State, is now like a tottering old folks home resident that cannot remember what day it is. The slow narcotic of socialism has taken its toll on our northern neighbors and like burned out heroin junkies, the effects of the drug will go for years afterwards even if they were to stop their addiction today.

do go read him today. and every day. i really wish i had the wherewithal and skills to put into words concepts and ideas as well as he does.

and skippy-san posts his response to the movie meme favorite 5 dammit that's floating around the web. i have to say that man's movie preferences mirror mine to an almost frightening degree. the only exception would be that while he thinks Casablanca is at the top of his list, i'd have to say another bogie movie, "The African Queen" should be there. but that's my only gripe. well done, skippy-san.

my amigo the spud bubblehead posts an essay regarding something orson scott card had written about. OSC is a favorite of mine, and i've had his blog linked since i began blogging. read the post, and then read the responses. joel's post generated a post/response that should not be missed by anyone interested in these crazy times.

and chap has a short blurb about something near and dear to my heart. we used to have a female voice alarm circuit, and after 119 days at sea, any female voice, regardless of message, would get your attention. and when that voice is telling you there's flooding in a compartment... vigilis over at molten eagle has a blurb about the "BITB" as well. the commenters brought up an interesting point about voices and the preferences different groups have regarding the sex of the person at the other end of the phone line. interesting points, worth pondering for a short while.

and lubber has a picture of an astronaut wearing submarine qual dolphins. i think i worked with this guy on parche before she was transferred to bremerton. been a while.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Varifrank's lost the bubble in respect to Canada. What's his problem?

Also, Bogie played a Canadian in "The African Queen".

6/3/05, 6:31 AM  
Blogger bothenook said...

i don't think so. consider the changes that have occured in canada over the last 30 years. the heavy dependance of the eastern provences on the western tax monies to keep the "social" programs afloat should be enough to be evidence by itself. i think the shift to a more "european...read french" mode of social programs has all but bankrupted the country, and it has set the west against the east in ways nobody could have anticipated. the reliance on government money to support the social programs has practically emasculated the canadian military. case in point, the sorry state of the canadian helicopter. you guys only have one now right? and it's grounded? i'm being a bit silly here, but i'm not too far off. i think my trips to and thru canada in the last couple of years have changed my impression dramatically. of course, i've only been in the west in the last 20 years, so my view is skewed by their perception of what's wrong with the canadian government and how it's doing business. i can say that my favorite city in the entire world, victoria b.c., is no longer my favorite city. the differences between victoria 1975 and victoria 2005 are staggering. it's really sad, but i guess any place that is truly outstanding will attract those intent only on capitalizing on the system's weak points. look what happened to san francisco.

6/3/05, 9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you might be over-reliant on perceptions from Western Canada. All of the provinces, with the exception of Alberta and Ontario, get transfer payments for their provincial budgets. Essentially,all of the other provinces are subsidized by Alberta and Ontario. Within that, Alberta pays in about $5 billion and Ontario pays in $28 billion, so it's not a East vs West thing, it's an "Ontario and Alberta vs. the Rest" thing.

6/3/05, 4:26 PM  

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