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Saturday, June 04, 2005

the latest from the "stan"

from my young amigo doing the hard duty over in afghanistan

Hey there,
Well things in the stan are as strange as ever. Unfourtunatly we lost a guy last week and another lost his legs. Gaddamn IED's. Cant do anything about them except hope you dont run one over in your truck. Put me in a fire fight any day of the week no problem, but a bomb buried in the road you cant do much about. On the good side we killed about 60 of them in the largest firefight the stan has seen since Anaconda. But I wouldnt doubt it if all that missed the news. We are heavly over shadowed by Iraq here. Its so bad that you can see that in our equipment and living quarters. But we make due with what little we get.

the action he's talking about could be this one.

do you want to tangle with these guys?.

if you are a praying person, keep our young kids in your prayer.


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