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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

sarcasm at it's best

my bud bubblehead spud turned me on to one of the great sarcasm sites out there some time ago. i follow but don't participate. today's entry struck me as particularly pithy. we've been talking about grades and the grief the profs get if students don't receive the grade they "deserve" rather than the one they "earned". this whole levelling the playing field only works if the you're the one elevated by filling in the hole. how do you take the measure of someone fresh out of school if not by their performance IN school? except with a very few classes, putting in the minimum effort, attending class, and doing the assignments will get you at least a "c". if i'm interviewing someone, and i see they had lousy attendance or crappy grades, it's not too big a stretch to believe their performance at work will mirror their school performance.


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