Wednesday, May 10, 2006

another boat sailor out there

and he's a firecracker. Hiya Cookie. anyone that has copies of bob harrison's poetry available for posting is a good guy in my book. a little history: Bob Harrison was a skimmer cousin of Uncle Sid, the master chief. sid and bob hung out over at Martini's SubBBS. Bob wrote some great poetry, and many of his poems were about submarines and submariners. he died a couple of years back, and it was a sad day at the BBS.

so anyway, check out the cookshack. he has some rants and recipes as well. my kind of guy.

he has a link to the Hillbilly Ecosystem, which is a whole new animal from the TTLB ecosystem, or even the web diva's psuedo bass based KisP ecosystem.
looking over the selection, i'd have to say i'm either a heavily armed recluse, or a heavily armed truck driver.
some folks out there are way funnier than i am. way funnier. it's a good thing i'm so good lookin', otherwise nobody would ever talk to me.

tip o' the dixie cup hat to bubblehead (idaho) for the lead.
edit and yet another one from joel's site: welcome to an active duty bubblehead posting as Trickish Knave. aloha, buddy.


Blogger Cookie..... said...

Well Sir...a kind thank ya to ya fer the nice post...it's good t'be on board. Until "bubblehead" left his comment...I didn't realize that there were that many retired or old submariners out there that had blogs. Found myself a new purview of blogs...

Had that poem fer a few years and thought it was very appropriate to the Piper post....kinda sums it all up doesn't it...? Cookie

5/10/06, 8:39 AM  

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