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Thursday, May 04, 2006

i one upped the president today

when i was in DC last, there was a huge phalanx of motorcycle cops that roared down pennsylvania avenue, blocking traffic during the morning rush hour. following behind them was a flock of big black SUV's with flashing lights on top. i figured it was the prez or his #2 man doing the whole "going to work" thing.

well, i've done them one better.
today while walking around the fence in our back lot area at work, i was accompanied by two very distressed killdeer, doing their famous "broken wing" bird in distress act. there must be a nest in the gravel, which is a favorite nesting spot for them. they don't actually build a nest, just set the eggs in a little hollowed out area in a field, usually in the open.
when predators, or big galoots like me come along, they go into their whole act to draw the threat away from the nesting area.
today, i was lead around the entire periphery of our facility by two killdeer. every time i stopped, they would stop. if i didn't start walking soon, they would work their way back towards me until i started moving forward. i was laughing my keister off at their antics. great acting worthy of an outdoors movie oscar!
so the prez might have a flock of DC cops on motorcycles preceding him, but i had two killdeer. i think i had the better parade.
for more info about killdeer, click the link above

here's another image of the killdeer caught in an academy award winning performance that i stole and resized from ridemypony.com


Blogger WillyShake said...

I very distinctly remember the first time I heard & saw these marvelous birds. It was when I was moving from NNPS in Orland to NPTU Idaho and my buddy and I were driving caravan-style up through Utah when these critters started dive-bombing our cars as we drove a remote stretch of highway. Growing up back East, I'd never heard such a cry (I'm an amateur bird watcher of sorts) and was immediately fascinated by them. Got to watch more of them while living in Idaho Falls and taking that long bus ride out to the DOE site every day. To this day, I always associate the sight & song of the killdeer with that wonderful/stressful/beautiful/ugly time in my life. You can listen to the song of the killdeer by going HERE and selecting "Song" from the menu on the left.

5/7/06, 8:47 AM  

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