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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

are you a "closet geek"?

i'm not. i've outed myself a long time ago, as a brief skimming of my blog will attest.
but it looks like there are a bunch of "intellectually curious" folks out there. hmmmm. sounds PC for science geek.
anyway, it's becoming noticeable enough that there a bunches of us out there that yahoo news finally figured it out.
Among the intellectually curious group, those who are aware of science-oriented websites tend to visit them frequently. Some 85 percent said they are intrigued by scientific breakthroughs and innovation, compared to 35 percent of those outside the group. And while 72 percent of the intellectually curious say science is relevant to many aspects of their lives, that figure is 26 percent among the rest of the population.

interested in the article? well, just take your geek self here and find out more.

the one thing about this whole thing that really pisses me off is the supposition that most americans are mouth breathing morons happy to sit in front of the idiot box, or surf the web looking for the latest porno sites.
i won't deny there are a lot of folks that fit that characterization, but really, aren't most of the folks you know a lot more than one dimensional cartoons?


Anonymous Allan said...

I don't visit or red many science websites (no time), but I do subscribe to New Scientist and read each weekly isue from cover to cover.

4/19/06, 3:29 PM  
Blogger Lubber's Line said...

On my way to my Subvets meeting tonight I was listening to the Stephen Hawking’s book “The Universe in a Nutshell” on CD. I guess that puts me in the science geek category; although the black rimmed glasses and a pocket protector is not my style.

Of course I’m wasn’t a nuke so I have no excuse for this unstable condition ;-)

4/20/06, 8:56 PM  

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